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DISTILLERY CHRISTMAS MARKET                                                  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Cost: $96.19 + $12.50tax = $108.69

Includes: visit to Toronto’s Historic St. Lawrence Market, visit to the Distillery district, dinner at the Hot House Restaurant, motor coach transportation, Stewart Tours escort

This year come for the lights! Get your Christmas Spirit on! Start today at the St Lawrence Market. Enjoy some free time browsing through the many shops. Enjoy lunch on your own. Depart for the Distillery District. Celebrate the traditional sights, sounds and scents of Christmas! Here you can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, toys, wood carvings, hand made ornaments, candles and holiday memorabilia. The ambience is enhanced by the aromas of roasted nuts, baked goods, grilled sausages and mulled wine. Then enjoy a delicious dinner at the Hot House Restaurant.

Departs Peterborough- 9:30am


HAMILTON – 3 dates                                                  

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 (Right Orchestra Seating – Rows M, S, N, O, P, R)

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 (Centre Orchestra – Row P, S, T, Left Orchestra – Row P, Right Orchestra – Row P)

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 (Left Orchestra Seating – Row E, G, H, F, J, K, L, M, N, O)

Cost: $287.44 + 37.37 HST = $324.81 per person

Includes: Reserved Orchestra Seating for Hamilton, Dinner at the Hot House Restaurant, motor coach transportation, Stewart Tours escort

Hamilton is the story of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington’s right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and was the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary.  Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway, Hamilton is the story of America then, as told by America now.



The words Coming Soon shooting out at you in 3D surrounded by stars and fireworks in anticipation of the grand opening of a new store or road or other project, or the introduction of a product




Frankenmuth, MI                                                                                             

November 24-26

Rates per person: Double $400.86                         Triple $379.92            Quad $364.78

All rates are per person and include taxes.

Includes: Accommodations for 2 nights at Bavarian Inn Lodge, two breakfasts, two dinners, and inclusions as per itinerary below, motor coach transportation and Stewart Tours escort.

Immerse yourself in Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” and take in a world class dining experience at the Bavarian Inn Lodge! Enjoy the Frankenmuth city tour, strudel making, German wine tasting and two included dinners – the Jäger Schnitzel dinner comes with a live music set! Also nestled in “Little Bavaria” is Bronners Christmas Wonderland. The sights, sounds, and spirit of Christmas completely surround you at this amazing store, which is the size of one and a half football fields. Bronner’s is overflowing with 50,000 trims and gifts. A valid passport is required for this tour.

*A valid passport is required for this trip.



The words Coming Soon shooting out at you in 3D surrounded by stars and fireworks in anticipation of the grand opening of a new store or road or other project, or the introduction of a product

Deposit and Final Payment

For all bus trips full payment is required at time of booking, unless otherwise stated.

Cancellation Policy

The Company reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment has not been received by the specified due date. All escorted groups require a minimum of 25 passengers. Should this minimum not be met, the Company has the right to cancel the tour with a full refund to the passengers booked.

Cancellation Waiver

A cancellation waiver can be purchased for day tours and Ontario region multi-day tours. The purchase of a cancellation waiver allows you to cancel your tour prior to departure in the event of accident, illness or death of an immediate family member.  With the purchased waiver, all monies paid for the tour will be refunded with the presenting of a Doctor’s Certificate of Verification. The waiver is optional and will appear on the invoice as a separate item from the tour price and must be purchased at the time of booking. A cancellation waiver is not insurance coverage. Please ask your agent for pricing.

Medical and Cancellation Insurance

On all multi-day package tours, medical and/or cancellation insurance coverage is recommended and can be purchased from your booking agent.  Medical coverage is always recommended when travelling outside of the Province of Ontario. Cancellation insurance will allow for full refund of the cost of the trip for unforeseen circumstances when purchased at the time of booking the tour. Cancellation insurance pricing will vary based on the cost and duration of the trip and the age of the traveller.


Prices are based on cost, currency rates and conditions in effect at the time of brochure printing and are subject to change in situations beyond our control.


When meals are included in the price of a tour, the gratuities are also included.


On motor coach tours, one suitcase per person is permitted plus a carry-on bag.

Travel Documents

A valid passport is mandatory for travelling to the United States of America and abroad. For tours with foreign destinations, it is the passenger’s responsibility to determine birth certificate, passport and/or visa requirements. Stewart Tours will assist in determining all necessary requirements and application forms.

Overnight Accommodations

Overnight accommodation pre- and post- tour is available and can be booked through Stewart Tours at preferred rates.


Departure locations may vary depending upon the tour. Stewart Tours is not liable for any damaged or stolen vehicles parked at any pick up locations. Parking your vehicle at our pick up location is at your own risk.

Rest Stops

Rest stops are made coach tours that exceed 2 hours per each direction. There is also a washroom available on board all motor coaches. Please note that  locations and times vary depending on the needs of the itinerary.

Our Role

Stewart Tours represents suppliers of travel services as an agent only and cannot be held responsible for supplier errors or omissions. Stewart Tours is not liable for any loss, damage, injury or death resulting from circumstances beyond its direct control. We reserve the right to deny boarding or terminate the tour of any passenger who is abusive or disruptive to others.


Tour operators are required by the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations to caution travellers that living standards, accommodations, utilities, other services and general conditions elsewhere may be different from those here in Ontario.

Fragrance-Free Tours

Please note that all Stewart Tours are fragrance-free.

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